Stanford University

Stanford University

California, United States • ESTD:April 9, 1891 • Type:Private •

About College

Establishment of Stanford University In 1885, California Senator Leland Stanford and his wife Jane founded "to promote the public welfare by creating an impact on humanity and civilization". Stanford University is a private analysis university. The university is established in Stanford, California. Stanford is recognized for its wealth, proximity to Silicon Valley, academic strength, and ranking as one of the world's best universities.

Stanford was a U.S. senator and former Governor of California who obtained his prosperity as a rail tycoon. On 01 October 1891, the school admitted its first students as co-education and non-denomination.

The Stanford University is organized in 3 legendary schools, which include 40 academic departments and four professional schools at the undergraduate and graduate level, who focus on graduate programs in law, medicine, education, and business. Stanford's graduate program is the most selective at the acceptance rate in the United States. Students compete in 36 Varsity games, and the University Division FBS PAC-12 is one of the two private institutions in the conference. It has won 118 NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) team championships, which is the highest for a university.

Stanford University has received 83 Nobel Prize winners, 27 Turing Award winners, and 8 Fields Medalists by Stanford for students, alumni, faculty or employees by October 2018. In addition, Stanford University is particularly noted for its entrepreneurship and is one of the most successful universities to attract money for start-up.


How To Apply

You need more than the grade and you should have a focus area.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

Requirements of the SAT score are in the range of 1,430-1,590 (reading 700, math 730). Applicants who have the opportunity are usually in the top 3 percent of the examiners. It was estimated that the SAT composition average estimate was 1,510 out of 1,600 in 2016. According to a formula, if you score 1,590 above a scale of 1,600, then your prospect is good.

ACT (American College Testing)

The estimates by ACT score for the admission in Stanford University are as follows: 35 and above; 33-35 average plus;

GPA (Grade Point Average)

Stanford University is a holistic institution with no GPA or standardized curriculum requirements. But the projected average high-school GPA is approximately 4.18.

Contact Details

Contact number:
+1 650 723 2300
[email protected]
450 Serra Mall, Stanford, California, 94305–2004, California, United States