California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

California, United States • ESTD:April 10, 1891 • Type:Private •

About College

California Institute of Technology is a world-renowned science and engineering institute that creates the most innovative tools to suppress some of the world's brightest brains and fundamental scientific questions and social challenges.

The Institute manages JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) for NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), sends inquiries to find the planets of our solar system and to find out the number of changes on the planet of our home. Caltech also conducts and operates large scale research facilities such as a global network of seismological laboratories and astronomical observatories, including Palomar and WMKK observatories; And cofounded and depicting LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory).

Caltech is an independent, privately supported organization, located in the 124-acre campus located in Pasadena, California.

How To Apply

Caltech does not have a preference among Common Applications or Coalition applications. We recommend that you use the best platform for your application process.
Caltech is also a Questbridge partner. Students can apply for the Caltech via Questbridge National College match.

  • 75 $ application fee or fee reservation (by request)
  • Approved examination
  • Professor Evaluation
  • Secondary school report:

This is a document that is sent to Caltech by your High School College Counselor. It provides references to your school, which helps the admissions committee to evaluate your application in a holistic way.

  • Academic transcripts

Additional requirements of our international citizen applicants:

TOEFL score: until all international citizens are required

1. Your native language is not English

2. You have studied in a school for two or more years where English is the language of education. The latter should be completed before the application deadline. We do not accept IELTS or any other option for TOEFL requirement.

International Financial Assistance Statement of Intent:

When an international citizen applies for fresh entrance, the application prompts questions to confirm his understanding of our financial aid policy and thus affirms the intent of his financial assistance towards Caltech. Caltech's requirement for international citizens is sensitive because the total amount of financial assistance is limited to these students, and we are committed to meeting the needs of all recruitment students. To read the full range of our financial aid policy for international citizens, see our International Citizen page.

Contact Details

Contact number:
1 626-395-6811
[email protected]
1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125, California, United States